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Intensive Sports Skills Class - Elite Pass
Suitable for students from 9 to 17 years old who want to be better by improving professional and semi-professional skills
2 sessions /week intensive training with progress evaluation reports like a professional player. The leading program integrates "Smart Tracking System" (STS) based on the professional players' evaluation system. This provides analysis and evaluation reports for the students to monitor the progress of their training.. This technology helps analyze each essential skill and exports mid-term and final-term progress reports, helping children identify strengths and weaknesses to plan for appropriate training. From understanding and promoting their strengths, children will be confident and develop a strong spirit, creating a solid foundation for future success.
There are 3 levels for children to be rubbed with their peers: Black, Silver and Gold. Black and Silver learn together, aiming to become Elite Gold. Elite Gold students will be trained to confidently compete in domestic and international tournaments. Many excellent students of Elite Gold are members of Jr.NBA and U20 Vietnam, winning individual and team awards at international tournaments
  • SSA is the official partner to cooperate with NBA to organize the Jr. NBA basketball camp in Vietnam for 5 years. 6/14 Jr. NBA members are SSA Elite Gold students
  • SSA is the strategic partner of FIBA & VBF in developing 3x3 basketball movement, training VBF-FIBA-certified coaches in Vietnam
  • SSA cooperates closely with Saigon Heat - Vietnam's first and only professional team playing in the ÁSEAN basketball tournament
Citywide locations to choose
  • District 2
    SSA Court 28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward
  • District 7
    CIS Canadian International School 07 Đường 23, KĐT Phú Mỹ Hưng, Q.7
  • Binh Thanh District
    WELLSPRING Saigon Pearl 92 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, Saigon Pearl, 22, Q. Bình Thạnh
  • Tan Binh District
    Nguyen Thuong Hien High School 1 Le Binh, Ward 4
Flexible schedule to join
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Experience the class easily with 3 steps
Step 1: Register for a free trial class
Step 1: Register for a free trial class
Register by filling our form on the website. At this trial class, students also do class placement test to determine their current level of sports skills.
Step 2: Purchase the course
Step 2: Purchase the course
Purchase the course suitable with the students' levels, choose the suitable schedule and proceed with the payment.
Step 3: Check the course information through e-mail, receive uniform, name cards and take students to the class
Step 3: Check the course information through e-mail, receive uniform, name cards and take students to the class
In case of unforeseen circumstances such as rain, we will inform about the class cancellation and announce class make-up later
Step 4: Check progress evaluation report
Step 4: Check progress evaluation report
Sign in on the website to see mid-term and end-of-period reports to promptly encourage and acknowledge the students' efforts.

Tuition fee

Registration fee (including uniforms, student card fees, facilities)
Mr. Bao Tran:
Mr. Bao Tran:
Children come here to play, to have fun, to satisfy their passion about sports. When they go home, they become much more confident and study better. As parents, we are very satisfied with the results. SSA really provides a healthy playground for youth development.
Huy Thuan:
Huy Thuan:

What I like most about SSA is that I can make lots of new friends and they are truly my second family. Joining SSA, I learn many good things, especially teamwork. Now I care more about my team mates and know how to work better in a team.

Ben Taylor:
Ben Taylor:

SSA really helps me grow and achieve my goals and dreams. SSA also helps me know how to play as a teamplayer. There are 5 people on the court and I'm one of them so I learn to work with the other 4 players.

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